Tune-Ups & Maintenance

In addition to fluids and filters, don’t overlook the following preventative maintenance components:

Chassis lubrication

The vehicle’s suspension and chassis contain multiple moving parts that are susceptible to wear when they’re not properly lubricated.

Windshield wiper blades

Windshield wiper blades wear out much faster than most people think and should be replaced every six months in Canadian climates.

Lights and bulbs

Lights, bulbs, and fuses should be replaced as soon as a problem is found.

Coolant hoses

Radiator and other cooling system hoses deteriorate with normal use due to flexing, vibration, extreme temperatures, and chemicals contained in your vehicle’s coolant. Replace hoses every four years, or when they’re leaking, brittle, cracked, rusted, swollen, and restricted.

Engine belts

V-Belts and serpentine belts should be checked annually. Replace them when cracked, frayed, glazed, or showing signs of excessive wear.

Timing belts

Timing belts can’t be inspected for wear and must be replaced at the interval specified in your owner’s manual. Failure to follow the recommended replacement interval could result in a breakdown and severe engine damage.

Spark plugs and ignition wires

Spark plugs and ignition wires range in life expectancy between 50,000 and 160,000kms, depending on your vehicle and the type of service. Always replace them at the interval listed in the manual with the same kind of spark plug.

Diesel service

The fuel system is the lifeblood of the diesel engine and requires careful attention to prevent dirt and water damaging the system. Most engines have an automatic bleed system, but others need manual bleeding. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines require an occasional bleeding of the fuel system to get rid of air that’s trapped inside. This is included in your regular service maintenance with OK Tire.


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