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Air conditioning

Most vehicles today have an air conditioning system that comes standard. Whether it’s in your vehicle, home, office, or even your refrigerator, their purpose is to cool and dehumidify the air. Simply put, your vehicle’s air conditioning system removes heat from the vehicle’s cabin and releases it to the outside air through a three-step process that includes pressurization, condensation, and vaporization. Think of when you step out of a shower or bath—your skin begins to feel cool regardless of the outside temperature as the water on your skin starts to evaporate, drawing heat away from your skin. The process of vaporization removes moisture and heat from the air in your vehicle, circulating cooler air from the blower fan.

One important point to note is the dehumidifying function of the process. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system needs to be in working order even when outside temperatures do not require cooling, as the system dries the air introduced into the passenger compartment. This is why the A/C system cycles when the defrost option is selected —meaning the air blown onto the windshield is dry, getting rid of fog quicker. Otherwise, moist air blown onto the cold windshield will cause frost to form on the inside, which is a potentially unsafe situation. Air conditioning systems are fairly reliable when maintained properly. The A/C system should have its refrigerant evacuated, filtered, and topped up with new lubricant on a regular basis. Specialized equipment and training are required to do this as system pressures can be quite high (over 300psi) on the pressurized side (known as the high side) and can be dangerous to the untrained or unqualified individual. Beau’s Autoeveryting invests in the latest equipment, and our technicians attend advanced courses regularly to ensure that you’re receiving the most professional, up-to-date service possible.


In harsh Canadian climates, a malfunctioning heating system is far worse than going a few days without your AC. When your vehicle’s heating system stops working, it becomes nearly impossible to defrost your windshield, maintain visibility, and stay warm—making driving hazardous. There are a number of components in your heating system that could be at fault, namely the thermostat and the heater core. The thermostat controls the flow of coolant, maintaining steady temperatures. Then, the heater core generates the hot air that is circulated by the blower fan into the cabin. If your vehicle takes more than 10 minutes to heat up or never gets hot enough, visit Beau’s Autoeverything and our technicians will make sure everything is functioning properly to our harsh climate.


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