Filters and Fluids

Changing your filters is the best way to maintain peak engine performance. Fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters are critical parts of maintenance and an important safeguard against untimely breakdowns.

Air filters

A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into your engine and can cause fuel economy to drop by 15% or more. Air filters should be replaced at least once per year to ensure the free delivery of clean air to your engine.

Fuel filter

Fuel filters can become contaminated with water or restricted by other particles causing other fuel delivery components to work harder to sustain fuel pressure. Late model vehicles have sealed filters that cannot be inspected and therefore must be replaced at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended replacement interval.

Cabin air filter

Cabin air filters were introduced in the last decade to enhance the quality of the air inside your vehicle’s cabin. These filters remove particles, bacteria, and other items harmful to human respiratory systems. They can also reduce the impact of reactions to people suffering from allergies. Cabin air filters should be replaced yearly.

Cabin air filters clean the air that comes into the car or truck through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; providing a comfortable driving experience by trapping pollen, dust, and debris before it gets into the cabin of the vehicle.

Common on most newer vehicles, cabin air filters should be replaced on an annual basis. However, the driving conditions can dictate if this interval is enough or not. Individuals who drive in heavily forested, dusty or with poor air quality may find that they need to change their filters more frequently as they become clogged faster.

A clogged cabin air filter may not only make your vehicle smell bad, but it can also have an effect on the airflow from your vents. If you find minimal air flow, or significant noise when you turn your vents onto full blast, you should speak to your OK Tire Service Advisor.

While filters do range in price, they can be an easy swap for someone with the right tools. Filters can be conveniently located in the glove compartment or more challenging areas such as behind the dash.

Replacing your cabin air filter is the best way to breathe easy.


From performance to safety, fluids play a huge role in your overall driving experience. Having the right amount of clean, quality fluids is key to a well-functioning vehicle.

  • Coolant, or antifreeze, is what regulates your engine temperature and keeps your vehicle from overheating.
  • Power steering fluid makes steering your vehicle effortless. If your steering ever feels heavy or difficult, your steering fluid level may be low due to a leak.
  • A properly maintained braking system is essential to your safety. When brake fluid is low or contaminated, your vehicle’s stopping power is compromised.
  • Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, transmissions fluid lubricates the vehicle’s gears, keeping your ride smooth.


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