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Going Green

Beau’s Autoeverything® has Gone Green

We’ve done it! Beau’s Autoeverything® is proud to announce it has gone green. With the introduction of PPG Envirobase® High Performance, a waterborne paint system, Beau’s Autoeverything® now saves over 700 lbs of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This is the equivalent of eliminating emissions from more than 3,000 vehicles per year.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic chemical compounds, or solvents, that are emitted from paint products which react in the lower atmosphere to form ozone gas. This reaction creates smog, visible as a brown haze seen over most major cities.

In addition to the PPG Envirobase® High Performance, Beau's Autoeverything® utilizes the most current recycling systems for thinners, solvents, aluminum, sheet metal, plastic bumpers and batteries.

Beau's Autoeverything® has also greatly reduced the consumption of paper by introducing a complete shop computer management system. Technicians can now review repair orders, check the parts status, view vehicle frame dimensions, look up paint formulas, and refer to WHIMS sheets all from their computer screen. The introduction of this system has helped us eliminate more than 30,000 sheets of paper per year.

Despite collision shops not being perceived as on the forefront of the green movement, Beau’s Autoeverything’s dedication to reducing hazardous waste and protecting our environment and our community has always been a priority. We will continue our dedication to be on the cutting edge of eco-friendly technology for collision repair shops.


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